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Our Story

The Grey Mouse story starts with Elise, who, ironically enough, is not a mouse or cheese lover, but she's very much into puns and helping your business stand out on social media! After over two years of experience at an international advertising agency, she felt it was time to take on a new challenge. That's why she decided to start her own business.

And then what?

As the borders between the online and offline worlds start to fade, social media has become the solution and the problem for many companies. That’s precisely where Grey Mouse comes in. Grey Mouse supports these businesses by helping them connect with their clients through social media. We build customized strategies and create unique social content tailor-made for the needs of our customers to help them boost their business online.

Crazy or genius?


Clearly, this proved to be a great move - as Grey Mouse rapidly expanded. In just three years, the team has moved offices three times and gained four employees (and a lot of plants)! Right now, we've got ad experts, copywriters, project managers and social media specialists.


So, do you need help with your social media presence, or do you lack the time to take care of your social channels yourself? The Grey Mouse team is happy to help.

Our Story: About Us

Our Team.

Our diverse group of individuals is the secret sauce behind Grey Mouse's success. Whether it's the copywriter genius who turns letters into poetry or the social media manager crafting content calendars that turn heads, each member of our team brings their own flavor to the mix. Get ready to embark on a journey with this 'not so Grey' team, where creativity meets laughter, and deadlines are tackled with a smile.

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